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Used Car Dealer license No.
Osaka Japan
Currencies : JPY USD
Photo Ref# Make/Model Year Mileage (KM) Model code Transmission Price Color
4WD! Good Condition!
2001/2 79,000 ACA21W Automatic JPY 299,000 Pearl
CL4227 TOYOTA Harrier
Alloy Rims! Good Condition!
2001/3 87,500 ACU10W Automatic JPY 340,000 Silver
Alloy Rims! Good Condition!
2001/4 91,000 ACU10W Automatic JPY 340,000 Silver
CL4019 TOYOTA Hiace Van
4WD! 5.Manual!
2002/4 99,000 LH188K Manual JPY 850,000 White
CL4225 TOYOTA Mark X
Alloy Rims! Push Start!
2007/5 104,000 GRX120 Automatic JPY 240,000 Black
CL4224 NISSAN Dualis
Alloy Rims! BVack Camera!
2007/5 119,000 J10 Automatic JPY 299,000 Silver
CL4223 NISSAN Dualis
Alloy Rims! Good Condition!
2008/3 89,900 KJ10 Automatic JPY 280,000 Black
CL4221 TOYOTA Allion
Good Condition! VVT-I Engine!
2003/9 78,300 NZT240 Automatic JPY 240,000 Silver
CL4219 TOYOTA Noah
Alloy Rims! Push Start!
2007/8 143,900 ZRR75W Automatic JPY 230,000 Black
Alloy Rims! Good Condition!
2009/12 121,000 ZRR75W Automatic JPY 250,000 Pearl
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