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Used Car Dealer license No.
Osaka Japan
Currencies : JPY USD
Photo Ref# Make/Model Year Mileage (KM) Model code Transmission Price Color
CL4088 TOYOTA Noah
Alloy Rims! Good Condition!
2007/12 86,000 ZRR70W Automatic USD 2,800 Silver
CL4087 SUZUKI Swift
Alloy Rims! Good Condition!
2008/6 73,000 ZC71S Automatic USD 1,400 White
CL4086 TOYOTA Alphard V
Alloy Rims! Sun Roof!
2002/11 89,900 ANH10W Automatic USD 2,000 Black
CL4085 TOYOTA Cami
Alloy Rims! Good Condition!
2004/2 102,120 J122E Automatic USD 2,100 Blue
Alloy Rims! Key Less!
2004/1 73,000 GX110 Automatic USD 1,600 Silver
CL4082 TOYOTA Passo
CD.Player! Good Condition!
2010/1 69,000 KGC10 Automatic USD 1,000 Black
CL4081 TOYOTA Mark X
Alloy Rims! Good Condition!
2005/3 136,700 GRX120 Automatic USD 1,700 Pearl
Alloy Rims! Good Condition!
2001/6 124,000 ACA21W Automatic USD 3,000 Gold
CL4079 TOYOTA Vitz
Push Start! Good Condiion!
2008/11 108,400 SCP90 Automatic USD 1,200 Black
CL4078 TOYOTA Noah
4WD! Good Condition!
2004/12 91,000 AZR65G Automatic USD 1,300 Gold
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