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Japan's car auction exists at the large-scale venue and including the small-scale venue, about 90 car auction venues exist in various parts of Japan.
Specifically, a lot of large-scale venue which 5,000 used cars are exhibited in to the hosting of week taking exists around the great cities such as Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama, Kobe, Nagoya.
Our Japaness Car Auction
In Information Service, 95,000 pieces of used car exhibition information can be seen for Japan's main car auction, 44 venues, 1 week.
Specifically, on Saturday, HAA Kobe of the hosting is the venue there are about 8,500 pieces of 1 day exhibition and to be proud of the scale as much as 2nd of Japan.
Professional's automobile inspection member inspects one one car thoroughly, confirms an exterior, the condition of the interior, the condition, the restoration part of the engine and so on and so on and the car which is exhibited to the car auction puts 0 - 5 marks to the car.
It thinks that four, five cars are the car which it is possible to meet to the customer, too, with the car with quite good condition.
Thanks to the formal inspection of such an inspector, the car of the car auction can be surely bought.
Incidentally, because we are in the venue which can not participate, too, in the car auction, 44 venues, understand.
There is much exhibition number and CAA Nagoya, BAYUC Osaka, JAA Tokyo on Wednesday, LAA Kansai on Thursday, HAA Kobe on Saturday are the venue of the recommendation.
  The way of Purchase of the Car from the Car Auction
Enter and log in to the ID, the password to be specified in the top page of.
* When much is accessed at once, there is a case where it isn't possible to log in.
If it is possible to have a contact by the e-mail, we prepare another ID, a password.
If a desired car is found out, it clicks the "Contact Us" button of the top page and enter all items in the auction letter of request and inform us about them with the e-mail.
Always enter a desired purchase price.
When having a contact from the customer by the e-mail, we tell the approximate amount of money which can be bought from us at E-mail.
Incidentally, it is Japaness Car Auction.
Because Information can look at the quotation of each car, too, consult.
Inform us of purchase by the e-mail to confirm the last if decided.
Transfer 30% of the amount of money which we told about by previous day in the auction date to our bank account in the telegraph remittance.
We request payment in Japanese yen.
Behind the payment, send a receipt in the bank by FAX.

We buy the car of the specification of the customer at the auction venue.
After purchase, we contact a customer by the e-mail at once.
Then, we send the contract of the total amount of the vehicle amount of money, other necessary expenses ( the auction knocking-down price of 25,000 yen, 5 % of excises, the land transportation price of 7,000 yen - 30,000 yen in Japan ) our company fee to have been specified.
It signs on the contract and you fax it to 81-72-281-8008.
We pay the price of the remainder by the telegraph remittance within 2 days behind the news by the e-mail.
Behind the payment, send a receipt in the bank by FAX.
As soon as it is possible to do the confirmation of the deposit, it arranges for shipment to the harbor of the customer specification and it publishes it in the convenience which is early to the utmost.
[Contact Us]
* Always Read the following item
To receive the cancellation after we buy a car by the auction but to return 30 % of prices of the first time aren't made.
We buys a car by the auction and after contact, within 3 days, there is not a saying translation truly but having us be made to suppose that it does cancellation handling automatically after it when there is not 2nd remittance
In this case, too, 30 % of prices of the first time can not be returned.
Because there is a rule of the extremely severe payment, understand an auction venue.
When the amount of money of the car rises and is the desired purchase price of the customer and can be bought too much, too, at the auction venue, as for 30 % of amounts of money of the first time, we return the full amount.
It accounts in us and having be made to keep it when there is a next time purchase schedule.
After local arrival of the car, we don't accept the complaint, the other trouble of the car absolutely.
We run the sales industry of the used car for many years.
It wears the power to see a used car surely from a wide range of experiences in the past.
We are Japaness Car Auction.
Because it is exhibiting the ID, the password of Information onto the site, it becomes possible to look at anyone all over the world.
When more often accessed, it is when it isn't possible to look, too.
The customer who wants to look always issues special ID, a password every month at 6,000 yen.
* Yahoo Japan - About the service of the auction
The auction of Yahoo is the biggest Internet auction in Japan.
The used car, the used car parts of a lot of individual exhibition are exhibited.
We are free of charge and make the ID, the password of the auction of Yahoo of the customer.
In the auction of this Yahoo, the customer can buy a car directly.
In the exhibition person, for the individual and the domestic used car store which doesn't export to the foreign countries, we service instead in the exportation.
The more desired one contact by the e-mailing, FAX.
Incidentally, because it is possible to do cancellation freely, tell to us.
When looking at the auction of Yahoo, access this place, translate into English and see
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Yahoo Auction
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