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Carnival Co Ltd was founded in March 2002.
The owner of Carnival started his career as an auto mechanic in 1998. Then, he experienced working in domestic used car sales, and now he is in the business of exporting used car.
Since its foundation, we have been selling Japanese high-quality used cars to more than 50 countries, Africa, Southeast Asia, Caribbean countries, the Pacific Islands, North and South America, Europe, New Zealand, and Russia.

We do our best to purchase excellent quality used cars to satisfy our customers. With years of experience, we are familiar with the process from purchasing to shipping, which enables prompt and accurate transport.

Today, we have gained the trust of customers all over the world. Thanks to this, we continue to do business with many of our customers, and customer connections are spreading worldwide through introductions from past customers. We are looking forward to connecting with many more customers in the future.

We hope that we can interact with people and contribute to various regions of the world through used car sales. We continue to provide high-quality Japanese used cars at affordable prices to gain the support and trust of customers around the world.

CEO Terumasa Iizuka

Company Profile

Zip Code 599-8237
Headquarters 3137 Fukaimizuike-machi. Nakaku Sakai-City Osaka Japan
Telephone +81-72-281-8000
Facsimile +81-72-281-8008
URL https://www.carnival-t.jp/
E-mail carnival@wj9.so-net.ne.jp
Main Field Domestic Saies&Export of Automobile
Auction Members of Car Auto Auction HAA Kobe,BAY OUC Osaka,HANATEN Osaka, USS Osaka,USS Kobe,USS Nagoya,JAA Tokyo
License Osaka 622161204949 Used Car Dealer License
Main Bank SUMITOMO MITSUI, BANKING Corporation , Otori Branch