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Used Car Dealer license No.
Osaka Japan
About Us
We are leading used car export, domestic used car sale, used car part sale in Osaka in Japan. Now, it is putting an effort into the used car export most.
We had the support of the customer in all the countries crowd of the foreign countries and it got excellent results steady.
The sincere international transaction, we are managing a company, thinking of being always trusted from the customer in the foreign countries to the primacy.
It thinks that it is possible to make the relationship that the end is long to be the customer of the all the countries.
Having us be made to export a used car in Japan to New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, the Asian countries, the United Kingdom, Cyprus, the United Arab Emirates, Russia, Africa, South America, the all the countries.
All of the staff, we are waiting for contact from the exporter, the individual of the all the countries.
Zip Code 599-8237
Headquarters 3137, Mizuikefukai-machi, Naka-ku, Sakai-City, Osaka, Japan
Telephone +81-72-281-8000
Facsimile +81-72-281-8008
URL https://www.carnival-t.jp/
E-mail carnival@wj9.so-net.ne.jp, info@carnival-t.jp
Main Field Domestic Saies&Export of Automobile
Auction Members of Car Auto Auction HAA Kobe,BAY OUC Osaka,HANATEN Osaka, USS Osaka,USS Kobe,USS Nagoya,JAA Tokyo
License Osaka 622161204949 Used Car Dealer License
Main Bank SUMITOMO MITUI, BANKING Corporation , Otori Branch
Broker Authorization Automobile Fair Trade Council
We are the authorized broker and proper member of Automobile Fair Trade Council, providing customers with trust and security.
We are members of Osaka Chamber of commerce and Industry
We are members of Osaka Chamber of commerce and Industry
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