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Welcome to Carnival !!

High quality used cars are available here!

CARNIVAL.Co.Ltd is a company specializing in exporting cars all over the world.
We believe that the most important thing is to satisfy all of our customers and build a long-term relationship with them.
We are hoping that You'll choose CARNIVAL in seeking Your dream car Our mission is to provide high-quality used cars to customers at affordable prices.
We hope you will find your dream car at CARNIVAL!

★The reason why Carnival is chosen★
More than 20 years of experience exporting used vehicles
Since its establishment in 2002, Carnival has been exporting used Japanese cars, trucks, and buses.
We are one of the leading used cars exporters in Japan and a track record of 20 years gains customer trust
Especially We have immeasurable trust from our customers in East Africa.

If you wish to contact Carnival either for further information about us or to enquire about our cars,
please write to carnival@wj9.so-net.ne.jp, or call us on +81-72-281-8000 /+81-90-3717-1111 , or fill in the Contact Us form.
It will be a pleasure for us to make contact with you.

Japan Car Auctions Information

150.000 used cars are exhibited to the car auction venue in various parts of Japan to 1 week.
We can also look for your favorite car at auction.
If you are looking for a car at auction, Please contact us at any time.

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