How to Buy



It select a desired car.

Please select your favorite car from our Stock List.
If you do not find your favorite car, please contact us by E-mail.

About the display of the price in the site.

The display price of the site becomes the price of [ FOB Japan ] and the marine fare, the insurance charge to the destination are not included.

The contract

When having e-mail from the customer, we send an estimate by E-mail or FAX.
Of the requirements of it of the explanation of the car specified in the estimate by it.

The contact

At the same time as the purchase agrees, we send a order sheet.
The customer signs on the contract and it faxes it to 81-72281-8008 for him.

The payment

According to the order sheet, within 3 days, by the telegraph remittance, pay the full amount.
We request payment in Japanese yen.
Transfer to the bank account of us to be specified in the order sheet by.
It isn't treating payment by the credit card, the check, the LC ( the dealings of the letter of credit ).
Behind the back of the payment, send a receipt in the bank, the copy of the identification card ( the license book, the passport ) by FAX.
If it is possible to have done the confirmation of the deposit, it arranges for shipping to the harbor of the specification of the customer and with the convenience which is early to the utmost, it publishes it.

The receive of the document

After shipping completion, we will send the original document such as Bill of Lading(B/L) and The Export certificate and Invoice to the customer in DHL or EMS ( the international express mail package ) at once.

The receive of the car

At the harbor of the specification of the customer, receive a car.
At this time, always bring required documents.
Incidentally, we do the notice of the shipping confirmation in the details, the putting-in due date of the ship to the customer.

Always Read

There is a wide range of regulation in every country to the used car import. Because there is a change by the state of the affairs, too, it is trouble but by the customer, we request at the site and regulation confirmation. It doesn't accept trouble after local arrival absolutely. We request in the understanding.

When it isn't possible to have payment within 3 days after having a contract, we make cancellation automatically.

Please let me know of the vehicle that you want to Purchase